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At ILETT GLASSWORKS we provide original bespoke services and as with every job, we guarantee to always use toughened, laminated safety glass. We work with reliable suppliers who are one of the leading glass processing companies in the U.K. with vast experience in their field. We specialise in totally unique and original designs, that are personal to you and created by us. Our services range from delicate stained glass leaded light repairs to complete bespoke remakes. Popular pieces of bespoke work are designs on  acid-etched glass. Making something as simple as a door number a totally personal and totally original addition to your home. 


Other bespoke services include:
(which are supplied and installed by us) 

  • Toughened Painted Splash Backs

  • in any colour. 

  • Glass Table Tops.

    • Measured to desired size and even shape.  

  • Mirrors.

    • Measured to desired size and shape, this has ranged from domestic mirrors to industrustrial sized, such as floor lengths in gyms.

  • Balustrades. 

  • Glass Banisters.

  • Shower Screens/Shower Enclosures.

  • Armour Plated (AP) Frameless Doors. 

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